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About Evolving Aretz, L.L.C.

Creator of Safe-Side Barrel™

Evolving Aretz, L.L.C., founded by inventor Douglas Aretz in 2004, was established for the purpose of creating innovative safety products. The Safe-Side Barrel is the first of such product development.

The inception of the ergonomic Safe-Side Barrel was born through Doug’s professional experience in the healthcare field. Continually through his career, he witnessed his own employees at risk of injury while lifting heavily loaded bags of content: laundry, garbage, and other materials.

“After conducting work-related injury research, consulting with Occupational Health professionals, and investigating ergonomic tools and equipment, I soon realized that my ergonomic idea had tremendous value toward improving work and safety environments.”

The Safe-Side Barrel was field tested throughout 2006 and into 2007, using prototype models in a wide variety of application settings, listening to user feedback, and consequently making improvements for function, safety, and appearance along the way.

The mission of Evolving Aretz, L.L.C. is to provide simple ergonomic solutions that enhance any work environment for safer conditions, and encourage a spirit of employee “safe-practice.”

As the name suggests, Evolving Aretz is a company that is continually accepting, researching, and shaping new ideas in the ergonomic solutions field. Existing ideas may be subject to improvement or advancement by listening to and applying user feedback on products. New ideas may be developed where a safety hazard is identified in the workplace. Either situation lends itself to an opportunity where improved work conditions can result.

Evolving Aretz is the company to work with for creating innovative safety products.