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About Evolving Aretz, L.L.C.

Creator of Safe-Side Barrel™

Evolving Aretz LLC was founded in 2004 by Douglas W. Aretz, as the sole-proprietor and CEO.

The company’s main purpose is to inspire entrepreneurialism, bringing new ideas and products to the market that support creativity, and the application of these ideas. Unaltered and unrestricted creative-thinking is at the heart of what the company seeks to support and develop.

" I believe all people have a degree of creative capability within them. From the infant stage and up, we need to encourage the freedom to think widely, nurture the wondrous and inquisitiveness of children, and adults, and support reasonable means to enable individuals to grow by cultivating their creativity. While the nature of our species is to love and nurture, too often our natural flow in creativity is overruled by our environment or personal conditions."

A person’s words can be life-giving water; words of true wisdom are as refreshing as a babbling brook. Proverbs 18:4

To that end, the mission of Evolving Aretz LLC is simple-minded: A company whose purpose by example, is to inspire new ideas that will encourage others to follow their dreams, while walking through life in faith, and never surrendering hope.

For anyone taking time to review my website, and thoughtful enough to read about my company, I extend my sincere thanks and wish all the best for your pursuit of a personal mission and purpose. Feel free to contact me if sharing your ideas is desired, or to give me feedback on mine; we’re stronger and better working in collaboration.


Douglas W. Aretz