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Safe-Side Barrel Assembly/Disassembly

To thoroughly clean your Safe-Side Barrel™

View the following videos showing how to easily take your Safe-Side Barrel apart for cleaning and assemble for use.


The Safe-Side Barrel is a functioning tool designed with easy assembly and disassembly features that will allow you to maintain its function, cleanliness, and appearance.

Disassemble for cleaning in 3 easy steps:

Step 1.  Remove the four tabs connecting the outer barrel and the inner barrel by gripping on the underside of the ledge and pulling outwardly until the tabs become disconnected.

Step 2. Remove the inner barrel by lifting out the top.

Step 3. Remove the door panels by lifting out the top.

** Make note of the position of all parts before disassembling in order to make reassembling an easier task.


Assemble for use in 3 easy steps:

Step 1.  Insert door panels into outer barrel with the raised ridge (handle) facing outward of the barrel. With the door panels in the closed position, the raised ridge should be together in the middle of the barrel opening. Door panels should overlap to secure together when closed.

Step 2.  With door panels in place, insert inner barrel liner, with open side to align with the front of the barrel and the door panels.

Step 3.  With inner barrel in position and resting on the bottom, match the tabs (illustration) of the outer barrel with the tab slots of the inner barrel. Snap tabs (4) into place.


Caster Installation

Step 1.  Turn barrel on its topside to install casters.

Step 2.  Push caster into caster socket until the face-plate of the caster is flat to the surface of the barrel.


For assistance with any of the above steps, please call (218) 409-0723.