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Safe-Side Barrel™ Ergonomic Advantage

The original multi-purpose safety receptacle

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Safe-Side Barrel™ makes it easy to empty the trash.

The Safe-Side Barrel is not simply a piece of equipment; it is a functioning safety tool.

More than ever before, businesses are giving attention and investment to the idea of programs designed to reduce the risk of injury in the workplace. Common names for such efforts are Minimal-Lift, or No-Lift programs. Typically, these programs require the development of “systems” in the workplace in order to address all lifting hazards.

Until this time, there have been few comparable innovative tool designs that have multi-purpose benefits of the Safe-Side Barrel. Virtually anywhere a barrel is involved, the Safe-Side Barrel is the safest and most effective tool. And it’s easily incorporated into a “system” to reduce lifting because it’s easy to use and affordable.

The Safe-Side Barrel has been broadly accepted by a wide-range of employers and industries such as healthcare, assisted living, hotel/hospitality, education, industrial/manufacturing and general janitorial/maintenance.

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The Safe-Side Barrel resolves a significant safety issue for the front-line worker.

Meeting OSHA standards will be advanced with the addition of the Safe-Side Barrel. Because OSHA compliance programs are ongoing, adding new ergonomic-safety tools and procedures are essential to the work environment and the protection of the employees.

The Safe-Side Barrel provides added value as a tool that demonstrates the employer’s concern for workplace safety.

Workforce issues abound with shortages, particularly in the healthcare field where para-professional and technical-level positions make up the majority of the jobs. The Safe-Side Barrel enables the employer to demonstrate their concern for job-safety through an inexpensive measure. Incorporating this concept makes sense, and saves dollars for the employer’s bottom-line through reduced injuries.

The Safe-Side Barrel is a simple improvement, yet it has a high impact on the value of the worker.

Workers of any type appreciate the Safe-Side Barrel because it makes their job easier. Injuries do not always occur through an instant episode. Statistics show a high rate of injury occurs through repetitive motion. When that repetitive motion is potentially harmful, such as someone attempting a lift that is counter-productive in proper lifting technique, the consequences of bodily pain can develop in hours or days after the work took place. The Safe-Side Barrel resolves the risk of injury caused by an acute onset of pain, or a repetitive-motion injury.