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Safe-Side Barrel™

An ergonomic multi-purpose safety receptacle

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Safe-Side Barrel’s unique design allows you to safely remove heavy loads.

The structure of the Safe-Side Barrel is simple: it is a basic barrel designed with double-panel sliding doors that enable the user to remove a liner-bag of contents from the side of the barrel. This feature eliminates the process of lifting out the top of the barrel.

Imagine the use of a typical barrel when removing trash, linens or other contents out of the top. Because of the tight vacuum seal between the liner bag and the container, plus the added weight of the contents, the bag is nearly impossible to lift. Lifting the liner in this way creates an immediate and unnecessary risk of injury to the back, neck, and shoulders.

The Safe-Side Barrel, with side access, allows the removal of the barrel contents to be completed with ease and with reduced risk of injury. This ergonomic receptical has been broadly accepted by a wide-range of employers and industries such as healthcare, assisted living, hotel/hospitality, education, industrial/manufacturing and general janitorial/maintenance. It's a must-have tool for your workplace!

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